Superior Street Reconstruction Word on the Street

This week the detour signs and parking wayfinding were posted leading into downtown and the project zone. Crews have been out working on establishing temporary water lines and digging has started near 3rd Ave West. Water line material is piled up and ready to be used. Some lamp posts were removed on the 500 block but in their place will be temporary lighting.

5th Ave West at Superior Street is currently open but that will change May 1 which means a new detour map will be posted on the website. The main detours of Michigan Street, 1st or 2nd Street are still applicable.

Coming Up Next Week:

Expect to see more digging as crews work to set up temporary water lines. This will also mean more noise. Sidewalks will be maintained on both sides for the coming week.

Weekly Meetings: April 24 is the first weekly construction meeting at the Radisson Hotel, Mesabi Room at 10 AM. You are welcome to join us.

Bricks!! Many people have asked about the future of the bricks. The City of Duluth is planning to sell keepsake bricks for $15 a piece. Interested folks can purchase them in the Finance Office on the 1st floor of Duluth City Hall, room 107 with cash or a check. As for the remainder, Northland Constructors will determine the condition and use of the bricks once they start excavation. They will then decide how to address the public’s requests.

Parking Ramps:

Many ramps are offering free parking if you enter and leave in with an hour. For those accessing businesses in the construction zone, the following ramps are participating:

Civic Center Ramp—410 W. First Street

4th Avenue Auto Park—402 W. Michigan Street

Duluth Transportation Center—228 W. Michigan Street

US Bank Ramp—115 W. Michigan Street

Love Downtown Duluth – Love Notes:

The Clean and Safe Team (in bright yellow shirts) are helpful construction navigators so look for them in the skywalk or on the sidewalks. They are a great resource! Get Downtown Week runs through Saturday at participating businesses so don’t miss the chance to get some great deals! Remember to support our local businesses downtown.

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