UW-Superior professor awarded WiSys grant

By Jim Biros
University of Wisconsin-Superior professor Dr. Serguei Bezroukov has been awarded a grant from the WiSys 2018-19 Applied Research-WiSys Technology Advancement Grant program in the amount of $10,217, for a project that he is working on to address an identified need by teachers within a local school district.

“In every school there are ‘problematic’ situations that can challenge the staff,” said Bezroukov. “These can include behavior problems, health issues, and security concerns that threaten both students and teachers. At times, teachers may need external help to address these situations.”

The goal of Bezroukov’s project is to help schools adopt new technology that is easy to operate, lightweight and more affordable than the existing commercial products available.

“Even if schools employ security officers that carry portable radios, it can be highly inconvenient to use the radios, which are bulky and heavy to carry, and require frequent battery charges,” said Bezroukov. “Additionally, teachers are not likely to have access to them, and they can be ‘overkill’ in cases where a simple call for help to a particular place is needed.”

The wireless school security devices Bezroukov is working on will be convenient to carry, lightweight, and able to generate various alarm signals depending on location of the incident. The strength of the signal will also be kept at a minimum to stay within the building.

This research was supported by WiSys and UW System applied research funding programs (ARG, AR-WiTAG, PDF). The views expressed herein are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of WiSys or UW System.

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