St. Louis County, City of Duluth celebrate completion of 4th Street project

It’s been more than four years since the first public input meetings were held, and 24 months — parts of three construction seasons — since digging began to rebuild 4th Street and replace the utilities that run beneath.

On Tuesday, representatives of St. Louis County and the City of Duluth will join together to celebrate the completion of this $13.8 million project.

The project included the rebuilding of approximately two miles of 4th Street, the replacement of water, gas and sewer lines, plus new sidewalks, curbs and gutters, street lights, bike lanes, landscaping and various safety improvements. Originally expected to be complete last year, the project was slowed by a rainier than normal summer in 2017, the discovery of more rock than had been predicted and other challenging site conditions.

“The rebuilding of 4th Street is now the single largest project undertaken by our Public Works department, surpassing even our work on Haines Road and Highland Street following the flood.” said Commissioner Patrick Boyle, whose district includes the project area. “To the residents, business owners, and anyone else who travels along this street, we thank you for your patience, and trust you will appreciate the many improvements made for decades to come.”

The work was necessary because the street was 30 years old and in poor condition. Meanwhile, the utilities were 100 years old in places. Funding for the project came from federal and state aid, city funds and transportation sales tax revenue. KGM Contractors of Cook, Minn., served as project contractor.

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