Storm drain maintenance by Lakewalk Trail extended to Wednesday

By Pakou Ly
The City of Duluth and the Minnesota Department of Transportation are collaborating to clear out a partially clogged storm drain pipe which runs under I-35 and the Lakewalk Trail.

The initial equipment set up scheduled for today is taking longer than anticipated. The crew plans to reopen the Lakewalk Trail for public access later this afternoon but will reschedule the cleaning for tomorrow, which will last most of the day.

The Lakewalk Trail will be temporarily closed from Endion Station to the veterans memorials. The public is asked to follow the established detour route into Lake Place Park.

Crews will remain in the project zone for a couple of days finishing up work along the shoreline and removing equipment. This additional work should not impact public access to the Trail. The completion of this project is dependent on good weather conditions.

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